Our enterprise app failed to get "recommended Extension"

Hi. I’m chaed

I chekced our app got “un-recommended Extension” ( SaAT Netizen )

And then I read policies. But I don’t understood why I dropped out ahd I want to know specifically it.

How can we make our app a recommended extension?


I assume you are talking about the warning saying (in English):
“This extension isn’t monitored by Mozilla. Make sure you trust the extension before you install it.”

This warning does NOT mean “un-recommended”. It is a warning that Mozilla doesn’t do (deep, thorough?) monitoring of this extension. But it doesn’t tell anything about it being a good or bad extension. Very few extensions are selected for Mozilla’s “Recommended program” (or whatever it is called). Lots of other good and well-behaving extensions out there. Hopefully most of them actually are.

I too find the warning offensive and potentially misleading. And I’m also under the impressions that Mozilla still DO monitoring and checks on new extensions and updates to extension that ain’t included in the “Recommended Program”. But just not as thorough to most extensions, as to the few selected for the “Recommended program”.

Think of the “Recommended program” as Mozilla’s public “favorite extensions list” which also gets some extra monitoring and testing to make sure they really are safe, good and suitable for an “official recommendation” from Mozilla to the users of Firefox.

In the policies you are linking to, take specially note of this paragraph:

Is the extension relevant to a general, international audience? The actively managed nature of Recommended extensions means we can only feature a relatively small collection of curated extensions. We try to select Recommended extensions that will be relevant to Firefox users around the globe.