Overscripted Web: a Mozilla Data Analysis Challenge

Hello Reps!

TL;DR Mozilla is calling for data scientists, students & young researchers to join our “Overscripted Web: a Data Analysis Challenge”: help us explore unseen JavaScript execution events and what this means for the Web! The winners will join us at mozfest!

Longer version.
Mozilla wants you to help us explore the JavaScript running in your browser and what this means for users. We have an open dataset and we are looking for exciting new observations, patterns, research findings that help us to better understand the Web.

We are now open sourcing these full set of data about #JavaScript executions. Take a look at insights we’ve discovered and help us to delve into further analysis of Web tracking and patterns that illuminate the complex interactions between users and Web pages: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/06/overscripted-digging-into-javascript-execution-at-scale

Are you interested to know more about the challenge? Check it out here: https://medium.com/mozilla-open-innovation/overscripted-91881d8662c3

And here’s also the challenge website: https://challenges.mozilla.community/

@rosana will also join us on our weekly call talking about it. Don’t miss it :slight_smile:


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https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/06/overscripted-digging-into-javascript-execution-at-scale/ refers to https://challenges.mozilla.community/overscripted/, that’s

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