ParSol --> Participation Systems adminning

(Lyre Calliope) #1

Last night I was interviewing @Kensie for the Discourse Evolution project, and she onboarded me as an admin!

And so I’m doing adminy things.

The ParSoL (Participation Software Lab) initiative has evolved and we’re now calling it Participation Systems.

I’ve changed the name and slug of the discourse channel and moving it from sub-category under Participation to its own top-level category.

This is my first admin thing and I’m learning how to admin and I have some admin related questions:

  • Is this (the discourse meta channel) the place to talk about administrative changes like this?
  • Is the convention for admins to notify other admins about such changes, or is there usually some deliberation?
  • How can I be a good administrator that works with other administrators?
  • Is this the place to ask these kinds of questions?
  • If the category admin note and the admin questions belong on two different forums, does that make this an awkward post to categorize?