Parterning with GraphQL Asia 2020

Dear Mozillians from India,
GraphQL Asia is a conference happening in Bangalore next year on GraphQL. GraphQL is a popular web technology that is gaining traction (especially in the React universe).

Some Mozilla projects also are using GraphQL

We have a few contributors in Bangalore who are using GraphQL in their work as well like @jayeshkattar and @anistark

Through initial conversations with @anubhamane including @abhi12ravi and @jyotsna17gupta we’ve been able to become “Community Partners” as Mozilla India with the conference.

  • The community logo will be put on the website
  • We will need/have mutual social media shout outs that we are partner with the conference, retweets, etc, and sharing of images/flyers/

Mozilla Community members will get 10% off on tickets. There will be two free community passes (which we have to figure out how to distribute).

Please mention this in the upcoming meetups and let others know.

Read the initial conversations about this on Telegram here and here

Edit: Initially the Mozilla Karnataka community had partnered, but later the partnership was extended to the entire Mozilla India community.


An update: After discussion with Hasura team, we’ve been able to extend this partnership to the entire Mozilla India community. I’ve updated the first post to reflect that.