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My name is Iskandar Mamasoliev, I am content manager at Bilim Onlayn NGO in Uzbekistan. We work in the field of education, more specifically we are engaged in the development of online education. At the moment we are localizing the world-famous platform Khan Academy into Uzbek language.

Within the framework of the project, we must translate 6.2 million words and create more than 5 thousand micro-lectures in 31 disciplines, and all is absolutely free. To date, we have translated over 75% of the platform and created about 1,200 videos.

To provide free online education, we have gathered more than 50 experts in various areas and have gained great experience so far.
I am writing to you for the following reason:

After localizing Khan Academy our team is putting forward to develop Uzbek Voice in typing and spell checking. Initially, we became fascinated by the project and wanted to contribute to Mozilla Common Voice. Unfortunately, we were not able to use the platform and, moreover, our Uzbek language was not started to get involved.

Could we get full information on using and controlling Uzbek language on Common Voice? It would be very grateful if we get a contact e-mail to keep in touch constantly.

I will wait for replies and thanks in advance for attention.


Khan Academy Uzbek
33 Zulfiya khonum Street, Jangoh, Tashkent, Uzbekistan 100128

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Here are the steps needed to bring a new language to Common Voice:

Hello and welcome to the community!

Additionally, if you are also interested in donating text-voice pairs, we would be really interested in the size of your dataset and if you are using or willing to use a permissive license (public domain, cc-by…)