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We are devloping a web application witch returns pdf’s delivered from am application.

The download works fine in most common browsers (Desktop - FF Chrome IE, Android IOS Chrome …). But with firefox on android, the file downloads correctly but after the download firefox shows a popup message saying “the file could not be opened”.

If i try to open the PDF out of the “Downloaded files” via Android File Manager the file opens without a problem.

If I download the File directly (via http server not generated by our application) the file is downloaded and correctly displayed after I click open.

I so checked the http request delivered from the application server and webserver direct:

App Server: Content-Type: application/pdf;charset=UTF-8
Direct: Content-Type: application/pdf

The only difference i see is the UTF-8.

I discussed this issue with the developer of the application server but there is no quick fix for this.

Can someone give me a hint what causes this behavoir in firefox android or any possible workarround?


This would be best filed as an issue at https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/issues/

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