Pedido de evaluacion para la prueba de habilidad de texto básico HTML 1

Evaluacion para la prueba de habilidades de texto basico HTML 1

Buenos dias, me gustaria que se evalue mi trabajo

Cosas que me gustaria aprender en profundidad

  1. Como organizar una pagina web
  2. Ordenar por orden de importancia de elementos
  3. Como organizarme los temas de estudio para aprender a desarrollar una pagina web
  4. Entre otras cosas

Hi @Fede_Butassi and welcome to the community :wave:

It seems you didn’t post a link to the exercise you solved. Can you please add it so I can have a look?

When you work through all HTML learning sections on MDN, I think, you’ll get a pretty good idea about how to structure a web site.

I think it’s important to first learn the basics of the technologies involved (HTML, CSS, JS). As you probably have already seen, these are covered in the various sections of the MDN learning area. Later you may want to learn a front-end framework like Vue.js, ReactJS or Angular. Such a framework will give you the ability to build more complex web apps like “single page applications” (SPA).

I hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face: