opens up to ALL Mozillians

Dear Mozillians,

I am really excited to follow up on my previous post back in December and let you know that the Mozilla People Directory ( is now open to all Mozillians. is an integrated, updated replacement of our internal directory, Phonebook and, our community dedicated directory.

In the past 12 months, we’ve incrementally opened up the platform to our community: first our NDA’d contributors joined, followed by everyone owning a volunteer LDAP.

We are now opening up to everyone - is publicly accessible and anyone who wants to set up a discoverable profile, is now able to do that.

If interested, please Sign-up and fill in your profile. You can decide what to share and with whom, through field level privacy controls. After you’ve finished editing, you can use the ‘View as’ functionality (top right corner in your profile) in order to see how your profile looks to different personas.

What’s next

Opening up to all contributors, as well as implementing access group management into, makes it possible for us to decommission This will happen in a couple of weeks and we will provide updates through another Discourse post.

If you have any questions, or need more information concerning this release, please chat with us on our Slack #iam channel.

Thank you!

Hermina, on behalf of the IAM Project Team