Persian/Farsi TTS

umm, I’d like to but it kinda depends on the effort because I’m looking for this stuffs for a personal project and BTW there are two things, firstly there is AlisterTA’s Persian TTS which I’ve recently been working on and secondly why don’t you just use the Mozilla common voice dataset?

The 400 hours includes Common Voice, which is about 270 hours (last I checked). I could try with just Common Voice and see how good the model is.

I came across the AliterTA Persian TTS project when searching for speech data. Do you have the 30 hour dataset mentioned there? If you’re willing to share it under a Creative Commons license, I will train a TTS model for you.

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I’m sorry but I don’t have that db and I did a little research, as he himself tweeted he is not gonna share the database because he bought some audiobooks from Fidibo and other websites and so he will break copy-right law by sharing the database :man_shrugging:

That’s a real shame, so much data :frowning:

If you have a good microphone, and you’re willing to record data that will be shared, PM me :slight_smile:

Yeah :slightly_frowning_face:
I think I could do that and the mic is my laptop’s which is not so bad :man_shrugging:
I can email you if you want, so you can inform me about how the data should actually be and so on…
Thanks :pray:

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