Phase 2 of the Hunt from Home Campaign is here

Hello Amazing Mozillians,

The phase one of the Hunt from Home campaign has ended, and phase two has started!

During phase one we asked you to tell us about the tools you’re using to collaborate, socialize, stream and learn during the COVID crisis. Thanks to you, we now have a better understanding of the websites that need our immediate attention.

But we still need your help!

We are rallying all fearless bug hunters for a targeted bug hunting campaign that will focus on the websites you shared with us in phase one of the campaign. Choose what you want to test, find the bugs, and file them!

If you are a more advanced bug hunter and you want a more technical challenge, the Firefox Graphics team needs your help to find WebRender bugs.

You can face these challenges on your own or with your friends. Why not make it an event? Find more information on how to carry out an on-line event and how to ask for our support in the campaign page.

Check out more details on the phase two of the campaign here.

Keep rockin’ the free and open web,


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