Piloting a new login experience

Today, the Mozilla IAM Project announces the availability of the a new login experience.

The new login experience is currently being piloted for authentication to Moderator and we expect to roll it out across Mozilla applications and services in Q1/2018.

What’s New (aka the WHY)

As part of Mozilla’s Open Innovation strategy we are investing in service design, a user-focused approach to better contributor experiences. For the new login experience we applied these practices to improve the process for staff and volunteers. Here are the main characteristics:

  • login is faster - less wait time and spinning than on the old Lock. The new login experience also automatically logs you back in if it recognizes you.
  • Simplified sign-in flows for users authenticating through Mozilla LDAP and passwordless email.
  • Compatibility with Auth0’s (our access provider) latest libraries.

Next Steps

This new experience is only the start. Items on the top of our backlog include:

  • Improve towards a Smart Lock, which will select the appropriate authentication provider based on your (Mozillians.org’s) profile’s verified identities.
  • Allow for sign-up to Mozilla IAM by creating a Mozillians.org profile from the login.

We Need Your Help

Please take the new login experience for a spin by visiting https://moderator.mozilla.org/oidc/authenticate/ and let us know if you find any bugs by filing an issue in our Lock repo. We also look forward to your comments in this thread or the Discourse IAM category.

Best regards,
@jbryner and @hmitsch on behalf of the Mozilla IAM Project Team

About Mozilla IAM

Mozilla’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) project builds a secure, easy to manage, and appropriate authentication and identification service for all of Mozilla and its community, which enables seamless communication & collaboration between staff and volunteers.


Just tried, and logging in to moderator doesn’t work for me for logging in via google with my moco identity.

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We’re battling a few issues on the moderator side, I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

@Pike things are back to normal. Please try again. :slight_smile:

Successfully logged in now, thanks.

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@hidde, feedback from a user test: can we make the entry fields selected after load? This will allow people to start typing their credentials straight away.

@hmitsch This has now been updated. After load, the email field gets focus; when it’s an LDAP, the password field gets focus when a user clicks enter or uses enter on the keyboard.