Planning for London Tech Week [June 11-17, 2018]

Placeholder to show potential of getting an event listed for Mozilla during this week. There now is a cost involved for all listed events for London Tech Week.

Discuss below or contact me in a DM.

If more events like these are of interest, be sure to regular check right here in Discourse. We hold a weekly UK Community call online, which you’re warmly invited to attend. There’s also a calendar for an overview of ALL our activities and aligned special events in ICAL and HTML. If you have any event ideas that could be added, please do get in touch.

All our gatherings uphold Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines. We all strive to empower each other.

Making enquiries to the cost for a not-for-profit like Mozilla to have an event listed. The standard price is shown to be £299.

This is the same week as ALL HANDS. If we were to do something we would have to do so as a community and without support of the London office.

Flagged to discuss further at weekly call & MozCoffee.