Playful approaches to copyright literacy

This session is facilitated by Jane Secker, Chris Morrison

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About this session

This workshop starts with a brief overview of attempts around the world to raise levels of awareness about copyright amongst librarians, information professionals and those supporting open education initiatives.

In the UK, Chris and Jane have developed a number of openly licensed educational resources to teach people about copyright issues. This workshop will be a chance to play-test two of these games-based learning initiatives, including Copyright the Card Game and the Publishing Trap. Both resources are licensed under Creative Commons and the team have been working internationally to translate and adapt these resources into other languages and legal environments. The presenters will discuss how adaptations to the game can be made and the benefit of teaching educators about copyright and licensing to promote open education initiatives more broadly.

Goals of this session

Consider the value of creative approaches to copyright education and its relationship to open education and the work of Mozilla

Hands-on experience of learning more about copyright through using open educational resources
Advice and support about how to adapt the resources to your own context
Building the international copyright literacy network which supports and underpins the work of copyright reform for the education and cultural heritage sector

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