Please add native dictation

This request is actually not for the reasons you might think, but even the usual reasons are probably valid.

Anyway, I stream regularly, and I want to add captions or subtitles to my stream. Problem is, all the current services for that are based on a browser’s built-in dictation, and right now, the only browser that supports dictation appears to be Chrome, through Google’s servers.

And I’m not exactly comfortable having everything I say on stream go through Google’s servers.

(I considered doing a workaround via Windows’ Dictation, but apparently that now goes through Cortana servers, which I have a similar level of trust for.)

So yeah, I’d appreciate if some form of dictation would be added to Firefox. I think some form already exists for the VR version of Firefox, so I’d hope it wouldn’t be too difficult.

I don’t care if it’s not as accurate - I just want some sort of automatic captioning that’s relatively respectful of my privacy! And I’m sure a lot of other people would appreciate not having to move to Google-based products for dictation, as well.


P.S. Incidentally, I honestly wasn’t sure if this would be better in the accessibility category, since my request seems like it miiiight not fit the usual purposes of it? I’ll also admit, I’m worried it might not be seen if I put it in there, since that category looks barely used. Still, I’m willing to move this if necessary. Please just let me know.

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