Please assess my 'Marking up a letter' code


I am hoping for some feedback on my letter markup. Is there anything I missed or could do better?

You will find my code on codepen

Thanks in advance

Hi there @Mark_Weigel! Welcome to the community, and thanks for sending your code in.

This is mostly looking really good; well done! I had a few tips for improvement:

  1. For the first address, you don’t need to wrap it in both an <address> and a <p> element — just the <address> is fine. You can think of the address element as basically being like a paragraph, but with more specific semantics.

  2. You do however want to wrap that first <time> element in a <p>, to make it sit on its own line properly — <time> is an inline element, whereas <p> is a block level element, so sits on a new line by default.

  3. The dates for the three semesters should be wrapped in appropriate <time> elements.

  4. The <cite> element can’t accept an href attribute. If you want to do this, it would actually make perfect sense to wrap the cite element in an <a href=""></a> element to link to the quote source.

That’s all. Great job overall!

I can’t thank you enough for your feedback. I will get better at this.