Please don't remove the lines between tabs

I appreciate all the hard work that goes into Firefox, and I know design changes receive lots of deliberation. I am therefore a little confused by the upcoming removal of lines between tabs in the Photon redesign (image taken from a Bugzilla attachment):

And for comparison, the current design: image
Without the lines, the tabs seem to blur together and it gets a lot more difficult for me to use. I have been using and advocating for the use of Firefox for over ten years, and it is hard for me to understand why such a change would be made. Would it be possible for anyone to link to some discussions or design justifications about this change? Thank you.


Agree the tabs look unfinished and should have outlines.The active tab seems to be just floating in there not being a part of anything.

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+1. It’s much harder to read a bunch of tabs now, especially for runs of tabs without favicons. It’s just text that might include spaces, slightly larger space, more text that might include spaces, slightly larger space, repeat. If tab titles aren’t truncated, then you can’t even rely on the fade out to help determine where a tab ends. Bars are an intuitive way to separate similar objects.

New tabs UI is at least unfinished, you can’t tell when a tab ends and another begins