Please help me get non-obfuscated source code of my add-on

Hi all,

My add-on is obfuscated. When upload new version, I have to provide a non-obfuscated source for verifying by Mozilla.

Recently, my hard disk was broken, all source code has lost. Is there any way that I can download non-obfuscated source code or is there anyway to contact Add-on Moderator Team to ask for help? I have tried to reply on Review History and reply notification email from Mozilla, but no one answer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hello Hai,

If you have provided source code during uploading your addon, you can download it anytime.

  1. go to
  2. for your addon, click More / Manage Status & Versions
  3. click version number
  4. in the Source code section click “View current”

Hello Juraj Masiar,

Your guide is very helpful. I’ve never thought that I can get the source code easily like this.

Thank you so much,


And FYI: to be better prepared next time, consider creating backups regularly. :smile: