Please need some check with "Mozilla splash page test page?

Hello. Im talking about the lesson here. Where you should insert pictures properly into html page.
I have done it and it looks just as an example, BUT i have some misunderstanding about adding responsive images. Im not quite sure it works correctly

<img srcset=“firefox-addons120.jpg 120w,
firefox-addons.jpg 400w”
sizes="(max-width: 500px) 400px"
src=“firefox-addons120.jpg alt=”">

i have uploaded files and index html with oricinal css here on github, please check someone :slight_smile:

This looks basically correct to me, but I can’t really test it in any way.

If you turn on the github pages feature on your repo, I could test the code by going to for example — you can get GitHub to render it directly.

I’d also suggest you check it against our version of the assessment code: