Please no Pay-or-Ok in Pocket

I love Firefox, and often click on suggestions from Pocket.
Lately it seems I mostly end up confronted with a Pay-or-OK banner.

I think it would fit to the spirit of the Mozilla foundation if Pay-or-OK sites are banned from Pocket.

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Hey @bart thank you for the feedback, I have passed along to the Pocket team.

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From the Pocket team: “we don’t recommend - or endeavor not to - hard paywalled content, only metered paywalls that might ask you to subscribe after you’ve read several stories”

Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough. :slight_smile:
I’m not talking about hard paywalls, I’m refering to this issue:

In this case it’s about Meta, but more and more sites are following this trend.

I’ve just clickt a suggestion in Pocket

And was presented this option

Soon only the rich or the fully tracked will be able to use the www

I’m not against adds on websites.
It’s about being forced to accept ALL cookies, and being forced to accept being tracked without restriction.

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wow, I’ve not encountered one of these yet, surely that’s illegal under GDPR?