Please rate my work. From the task "Structuring planet data"

I welcome everyone.
Please rate my work. Here is the site, here is its code, here is the task itself

Hello. Where are you guys?

No worries! We are still here and your task won’t be forgotten :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately, I need to work beside volunteering in this forum :grin: You were lucky the last two times when I had time to respond immediately.

I will have a look in some hours if @justsomeone isn’t faster.

See you later,


Understood you. Thank you for answering, I thought they had already forgotten about me, then I will wait for you guys to be free, have a good day to you :slight_smile:

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Hello @rab_Allaha

you doing great well done a little notice here

  1. <caption> should be the first element after the table tag
    2)there many missing closing tag for example first tr in tbody never closed
    also this one <tr> <th scope="rowgroup" rowspan="5">Jovian planets</th> <tr>
  2. i guess you did not get to the css lesson so that why you used inline style in your html code right?

hope that i did not miss anything else

and i totally agree with @mikoMK hope to see other people participate

looks like i did it :joy:

and have a nice day both of you


I tried to fix the code, taking into account the comments, could you evaluate the code now? Here it is

well done @rab_Allaha

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