[PLEASE READ] Bugzilla-dev.allizom.org and bugzilla.allizom.org will have a data refresh Thursday September 21 2023

With the goal in keeping our test and stage Bugzilla (BMO) instances up to date with the latest data for beta testing and other purposes, we will be updating the database to more recent snapshot of production data. Most likely the update will occur near the end of the day eastern time. The two sites may not be accessible during that time.

Why you may need to worry about is, if you are actively using https://bugzilla-dev.allizom.org or https://bugzilla.allizom.org and you have accounts with passwords and API keys set up, those accounts will need to be reset after the update. As part of the process when taking a snapshot of production data for re-import, we clear all passwords and API keys and other sensitive data. In addition we remove all private data such as private bugs, attachments, comments, etc.

We also disable email delivery for all users on those systems so you will not be able to do the password reset yourself. If you still need to use the test/stage instances for any reason with an authenticated account, please reach out to me or another admin in #bmo on Slack. You can also email bmo-mods@mozilla.org. We can then reset your password to a known value and provide it to you.

If the time that we plan on doing the change over simply does not work for you for some reason, let us know and we can postpone the change to a later time.