Please return old search bar

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yeah - once again I am looking for a solution to get the old well working search solution for firefox that everybody I know liked. Now I read that it was pure friendliness that we users were allowed to still use this way we were used and liked just the way it was.

Instead I would really like to see a solution to get back what simply worked.

remember: if it ain’t broke - don’t fix it.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to interpret the existence of addons like that? I am pretty sure everyone who did not use the addon just did not know of its existence or was not able to install it

Finally: how to get back the old search now?



I only registered here to say to you:
Please bring the working Searchbar back!
The actual one is simply BS, and I’m starting to hate the new firefox version so incredible much.
I’m really thinking about to change the browser, because working with this is no fun.

(Manetpre) #23

I am another user who found Old Search in a separate searchbar a lot more practical. I used it up until FF63 with CustomCSSforFx. Combining jscher2000’s suggestions and the pre-built CSS options in CustomCSSforFx, I could get a reasonably good simulation of Old Search.

But it’s not perfect and I still don’t like it. At least the default search engine icon display should be re-implemented (although I won’t hold my breath expecting it).

I also take issue with the attitude of developers, even helpful ones in this thread who are giving useful advice. Even if there are tweaks to restore old functionality, users shouldn’t be forced to do so. For relatively tech-savvy people like me, the issue is just the time I have to waste to find & correctly implement those tweaks. But for a lot of other users, especially older people, even just to find new options/tweaks and/or re-learning everything every two years is just too difficult. Developers don’t seem to realise that not only aren’t most users geeks, even most users who customize software aren’t geeks.

With Firefox, for me, the perverse situation is that I can’t switch to other browsers, because the changes in FF are aping those other browsers. SO I have to use whatever customisation is still available to get back old features like coloured menu icons.

(Gabriel Pinzón) #24

Firefox developers should stop overestimating the suppossed need or desirability of the one-time search (the ability of sending your search to a different site without making that site your default search engine) because we normally do more than 2 consecutive searches from a site when using the one-time search feature (usually 3 or more), and doing searches this way or changing the default search engine with the new-style search bar (in order to get autocompletion of search suggestions from the site you need them) is actually tedious compared to the way of changing the default engine with the previous interface (up to Firefox 34), so Firefox should restore both the previous/“classic” style search bar (I guess almost nobody will miss the one-time search feature if it disappears) and the internal preference to choose between both styles for the search bar, and keep them forever for the sake of both desired functionality and customization.


Just happened to come across this thread.

Idk. if this will work for everybody here, but I make use of the keywords which can be assigned to each search engine in preferences. Let’s say ‘g’ is assigned to google. If you want to search from address bar and your default search engine is not google, all you have to do is type ‘g’ Space-key and then your search term. If enabled, you will also get search suggestions. The same goes for all the engines I tried it with.

That is actually a pretty neat feature which I have come to like. And possibly could make up for the missing search bar - for some people - I think.

But in general (unfortunately) I agree with most of you previous posters. Idk. who makes the decisions or how they are made at mozilla (therefore I won’t blame anybody) but I also had some very hard times adjusting to new implementations. (I still mourn the old address-bar dropdown which showed the blue Urls just below the page title and not after).

Don’t want to change the subject though…