Please return the Live Bookmarks

(Eugene Seppel) #1

Please return back the Live Bookmarks!
I used that feature every day to check the news (at bookmark toolbar) from different news sources. I wouldn’t install separate application just for reading the news, neither trust any webservice (first of all because I gather news from different sources, some of them could be unwelcomed in some countries). Firefox was a browser that respected user privacy, why you’re breaking my privacy?
And at last – stop ruining Firefox and breaking user experience! You’ve broken search toolbar, changed UI to behave like a Chrome, added a lot of dumb default settings (to be like a Chrome), and then removed these settings. (I still trying to make Firefox look and feel like old Mozilla) May be tomorrow you just change the engine to Chromium and start sending all my stuff to Google? We don’t need one more Chromium fork like Opera!


Removing Live Bookmarks is a step backwards for me. I use it to check when there are new posts on blogs that I follow, or new comments on pages that remain open for weeks at a time. With Live Bookmarks it was so quick and easy to see any updates.

I haven’t found an equivalent. I like to have a separate tab open for each blog which I refresh when required. With Feedbro I have to read everything in one page, I can’t stop half-way, leave that tab open, and go to the next tab, then come back to the first one.

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Offtopic: As I see in “Remove old search” ticket Mozilla developers don’t give a **** – they do whatever they want, just because they can and don’t care about end-users. Mozilla is turned to product like a modern Windows or MacOS. I regret only that there is nothing less worse than Firefox, so I have to suffer it.

(jscher2000) #4

I’m sure there are more options, but I tried this extension yesterday:

Once it detects an RSS feed in a page, you can launch it in a new tab and you end up with a URL that contains


You can bookmark that or leave it open and reload as needed without using the other extension features, as far as I can tell.


Thanks, I’ll give Want My RSS a try.

Getting used to Feedbro but it’s not as good as Live Bookmarks.


Update on Feedbro:

Now that I’ve used it for a week, I like it. It took a while to set it up the way I want it because there are many options to explore, but now I’m comfortable with it.

I probably would not go back to Live Bookmarks if they brought it back. I would stick with Feedbro.