Please reverse the latest changes

The latest update is just awful.
Why have they added an extra nonremovable bar that does nothing?
Why change the look of the browser for no reason?
Absolutely nobody wants any of what they have done.
You are ruining the internet by forcing people to use chrome and edge!
Please reverse this update in a new update today or ASAP!


I’m another user that is not at all pleased with the changes in Firefox 89… the clear menus are very hard to see… would like to have an option to use traditional ones… already looking for another browser as FF seems to make changes that just make using it unpleasant and more difficult to see each upgrade…


Open about:config, search for proton, and you can disable the new UI… for now at least!

One can always tell how bad an update is going to be by how fervently the developer touts it. Firefox 89 is no exception. I think it is awful. Everything is harder to use, everything is harder to read. Please get rid of these changes.


Where do you see an extra nonremovable bar?

Users with “tabs on bottom” code in their userChrome.css have observed a problem that the tabs stack at the bottom of the browser, leaving their intended location blank, in case that’s what you see. Time to update that code again.