Pocket Source Code

Hello all,

The last time this was posted, when Pocket was acquired by Mozilla, there was very little information that anyone could give regarding whether Pocket source code would be published and on what timeline that might transpire. I’d like to re-open the conversation around it as I want to use Pocket, but will not considering that there is a sufficient alternative in Wallabag.

So I will pose some questions here:

  1. Will the Pocket server’s source code be published?
    1a. Will it be self-hostable like Firefox Sync?
  2. Will the Pocket clients’ source be published?
  3. What kind of timeline can we expect for these?
  4. Why has Mozilla been extremely quiet since the purchase regarding this matter?
  5. What roadblocks keep Mozilla from publishing such source code, if the plans are to release the source code at some point?
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I just have to say that is not a new question on the forum and there aren’t updates yet.
I know only they released some components of the infrastructure and website on github.

I saw some of that too but it seems that they released those things only because they interface with the Firefox web browser. Perhaps that’s a good reason to do those “first” but what about the clients, the server?

If they’re not going to take care of it then why not just say “we’re not publishing the source code for X thing” in public.

Why not to say that source code will not be released? Just because noone really cares for community…