Polish review queue got filled with The Hobbit

This morning I noticed that someone added a massive amount of Polish sentences to the voice collector.
The problem is all the Polish sentences currently pending review (or all 2000 pages I can access) look incomplete. For example:

W pewnej norze ziemnej mieszkał sobie pe-

It clearly ends mid-word, even includes a hyphen.
There are also sentences which begin in the middle of a word like:

gotna nora, rojąca się od robaków i cuchnąca bło-

Here my best guess is that it should say “wilgotna nora”. It also ends with incomplete word and a hyphen.

Other sentences clearly are taken out of the middle of the sentence, or even span two halves of sentences:

bici nie uznają schodów. Sypialnie, łazienki, piw-

It roughly translates to “the beaten ones don’t recognize the stairs. Bedrooms, bathrooms, basem-”. Briefly looking through other sentences it looks like the whole review queue got filled with the Polish translation of “The Hobbit”, and it’s split by lines in the PDF instead of meaningful sentences.

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Can confirm that all the sentences uploaded by “narid”, source “From the Hobbit book”, are nonsensical and should be deleted @mkohler


This is taken care of now.