[Poll] Help us to choose a new name for Mobile Support program

Hey folks,

We need help to choose a new name for the Mobile Support program. Mobile Support is a subgroup in SUMO that focus area is to reply to Play Store reviews.

Just a bit of background, at the beginning, it was called the Respond Tool program. We named it after the tool that we’re using for the contribution at that time. But then we moved from using the Respond Tool to Conversocial in 2021, so we renamed it Play Store Support. Later on, we changed the name again to Mobile Support to avoid using a brand name in our program as well as to accommodate the possibility of scaling the program to other store ecosystem.

However, we understand that the term “Mobile Support” might not be fair for contributors who are supporting mobile products in the forum. So we’d like to choose another name that can capture the real value of this subgroup.

Here are some alternative names that we’re thinking about:

  • Ecosystem Support
  • Review Support
  • Store Support
  • Mobile Store Support
  • Mobile Outreach

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The poll will be open until the end of the month (Sept 30, 2022), so please vote before then.