Pontoon doesn't sync after edit source locale

Ok, here’s the repository: https://github.com/ecvnum/pontoon-test

*add files to a new project and sync pontoon
*remove the value “resume = Resume” in the original locale en in the repository.
*sync pontoon
*then try updating/changing the translation (whatever) and sync pontoon.
=pontoon stops committing changes to the repository.

Do you see anything in the log after running sync?

Yep. Log after I deleted one string in source locale and pressed Sync

Hey @ecvnum, thanks for the report!

I failed to reproduce your problem. It surprises me that your 2nd sync (the one started at 15:43:59) detected source string changes in the repository, which it shouldn’t have given the steps to reproduce.

I assume that’s how you deleted the source string?

Could you please post the screenshot of your project admin page?

Yes, I simply deleted one line. Could you please try to change some translation (in pontoon), save it and sync pontoon? you should get same errors, here what I got after changing DE translation https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/n64yZ9Txkk/

admin page screenshot https://imgur.com/a/CaYsBuR

hmm my github account is temporarily blocked dunno why…, it’s good that you managed to fork repo.

Nobody cares, well, good luck to everyone)