Pontoon meetup reports - MUC 2018

In the week of February 19, we had a gathering of pontoonies in Munich. @hmitsch had set us up in the ImpactHub there. The folks to meet were, in east-to-west order, @stas, @jotes, @mathjazz, @Pike, @flod, @adngdb, and Ryan.

Our main reason to get together was to spend some face-to-face time to drill in to Translate.Next. What’s Translate.Next, you ask? Good question, you’ll learn more about that in that part of the report.

Other topics included:

  • How can we involve community in the development of pontoon?
  • What data do we collect on pontoon, and what data we might need for Translate.Next?
  • What are the next steps for the API, in particular in the context of Translate.Next.
  • How can we evolve the editing UI for Fluent in pontoon? Which approaches could work for which language and localizer?
  • How could we add additional structure to pontoon by introducing an organizations concept, and what that would take.

All in all, some pretty product and intense 4 days.

In order to keep things easier to follow up on, we’ll split the actual details into individual posts. Expect them to show up here in the pontoon category of the next week or so.


PS: I only took pictures of receipts, sorry.