Pornography sites should be blocked

This is a serious issue, but there is a topic that is overlooked.

In the videos uploaded to porn streaming sites such as Pornhub and xvideo that many people know, not only commercial pornography, but also crime videos such as hidden cameras, assault, rape, and children’s videos are uploaded.

I earnestly ask that you take measures so that the victims of crime videos are no longer harmed and that ordinary people are not exposed to these videos.

If Firefox supports it and takes action, many people will cheer it up, and I think it will get a good company image and good people.

Please pay attention to make the world brighter.

Thank you for reading.

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Hi @11121

You posted in the MDN category which is intended for the students of the online courses. Therefore I moved your post to a more appropriate category.

That being said, I think this is a topic which needs to be addressed either with the platforms where inappropriate or illegal content is uploaded or with legal entities to take down illegal sites.
In my opinion a browser is a tool to view web content and shouldn’t try to decide what can be viewed and what not.

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I agree.

Please review things like the Open Source Definition, etc.

This is not the job of a browser. Even if Firefox did do this, people would just use Chrome or something.

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I think it’s impossible tbh, firefox and moz isn’t online police, so they can’t. If you want to implement this, especially in South Korea, you can pass the bill to block any porn site, as I know in South Korea, the surveillance are quite normal like in Indonesia by the Gov. in Indonesia, they block all of it. but there are still a way for normal people to access it either VPN or some DoH tweak. there are no single bullet proof answer for this. it’s a systemic problem.

The only thing that I think can be done is change the learning env for next generation, and jail time for everyone who done it, or even death sentences. It will make them think twice. because technology always have a way round for everything…

OK, death penalty? I think this discussion has gone far enough. Any moderators out there? How bout we close this one.