Portal Updates: Changelog

Hello everyone,

I am sharing the updates on the changelog to be transparent will all the changes and developments with regards t the community portal. On an exciting note we will hoping that the activities and campaigns will go live on the portal from next week!

Feb 25th - Changelog

  • Hot fix: Group Community Links bug that was causing the layout to break.

Feb 24th - Changelog

  • Group card image fixes
  • Profile image fixes
  • Alphabetically sort group country list
  • Activities on Homepage
  • Events search bug fix
  • Hide activities CTA if no value provided on activity page
  • Only display a single tag for events
  • Only allow for a single tag
  • Fix group events link
  • Misc style bugs

Feb 20th - Changelog

  • Site wide search (v1
  • Group stats for community managers. (Side note, community managers will need to reverify groups now because we were not tracking the date of when they became verified, we can do this if it is too much for them)
  • Search quote bug fix
  • Misc style bugs

Feb 18th - updated

  • Hot Fix: for activity block fetching first block data
  • Hot Fix: github issue #297 - discourse reply count not reporting correctly

Feb 11th - Changelog

  • Members enhanced search (location and tags)
  • Report links in event and groups
  • Attaching campaigns and activities to events. Users will not be able to do this until there are campaigns and activities created by community managers. When the Mozilla team is ready I will also add the proper links into the menus.
  • Discourse category / topic id used to link to discourse instead of slugs
  • Keyboard navigation fixes for accessibility