Position of tabs

Hi there!

I can not understand why the position of the tabs changed from bottom to the top. Perhaps I’m the only one who is using tabs…

…so let me explain: My mouse is absolutely not amused about that. She has to work more since the changing of the tabs position. She will lay down work if this goes on!

I like my keyboard very much, but I also like my mouse. Guess buying a new one will not solve the problem. Mmmmh. And now? If the position of tabs in firefox is not changeable back to bottom I have to use an other browser. Going back to a further version is not really an option.

Is there any chance to change this in the next time? In weeks, months or years?

Perhaps by an option in the preferences? Or in the config? Or with an addon? (I dont like that addon-way.But okay, As we say in germany: “Life is no musical request programme!”)

By the way: Great software! Very good job! Firefox has become faster again! And smaller! Thanks a lot!

best wishes

i did read about an extension that put the tabs below… search for it!

Thanks a lot. I only searched for an add-on… and not for an extension. And honestly only inside of firefox and on the mozilla page. :frowning:

Searching for an extension inside of firefox was much better! 1725 hits for “set tab position bottom”. Perhaps a little bit to much… and hard to see which hit hits what…

Same string on google brought me to the userChrome.css solution in about 20 sec. 2 min for downloading, checking the file in an editor and copying in my profile. Restart and done! Shit, shit, shit. Sorry for my post. “Better ask Saul” should be renamed to “Better ask Google”. Sorry again for such a stupid post.

But what is the difference between add-ons and extensions?
In german both words mean the same… wait… …asking google… okay. Guess that post https://stackoverflow.com/a/33488008 describes it the best. But when add-ons is more generic, why couldnt a search in them find any extensions? Perhaps it’s more API related or whatever!?! Not getting it…

Anyway, confused, but lucky with the solution and my mouse is happy again too!
Thanks and sorry again!