Possible Solution - Extensions not working - Honest Attempt

This is not a spam, but i understand now that my all caps saying “PLEASE TRY THIS” didn’t helped lol.

Hello guys!

Well just like you guys i’ve being suffering with this weird bug that all my extensions stopped working and that i’m unable to download any other as well.

I’ve followed this method posted on a Twitter message from Firefox by the user soft bed.

The steps are as follows:

  1. install ESR, developer (this was my version), or nightly edition
  2. open about:config
  3. change xpinstall.signatures.required to "false"

After this, my extensions came back to life and i could even download new ones from the store.

So if you know how to do it and feel comfortable, give it a try.

But is totally up to you.

Original post: https://twitter.com/hot4headpats/status/1124519061516378112

My version is the 67.0b16 (64-bit) of the Developer Edition btw.

I hope it helps.

Good luck!

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THANK YOU for posting that suggestion! It’s worked for me, at least so far.

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I found a good page that explains how to use Firefox debug to allow broken extensions to work. Firefox Addons Being Disabled Due to an Expired Certificate