Preload extension

Can anyone tell me how to preload the extension in firefox source code on my own build firefox?

Firefox offers this feature (, although I’m not sure if it only works for Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) or if it will work for all flavours of Firefox.

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So, should use this version of firefox . can you tell me why this version of firefox is needed?

You can try with the regular version of Firefox, but I’m just not sure if it supports that type of control.

Firefox ESR is a version of Firefox that doesn’t get feature updates as often but it gets security updates just like the regular Firefox. It is primarily for use by businesses. Because it’s often used by businesses, it has support for all of the features that a business would want to use.

But for sure try it out on the regular Firefox first to see if it works before trying Firefox ESR.

In nightly version this is not working. And how will download or build the source code for regular one?

How can I download or build the source code of regular one