Prevent Showing hidden container from creating a new tab

I’m evaluating containers as a substitute for the old Tab Groups functionality, which was removed from Firefox and then sustained as an addon by Quicksaver. he was written that the functionality of his addon is going to be lost, and I use this functionality extensively to keep a multitude of tabs grouped and out of the way until I need them at any given moment.

Containers seems to do well with regards to keeping tabs grouped, but out of the way - especially with the Hide container feature. But, I don’t want the container to open a new tab along with the saved tabs every time I unhide (show) the container.

I should clarify. If a container is hidden, and you simply press on the container name, it opens all hidden tabs as well as a new tab. If you want only the hidden tabs, you need to use the menu ( > ) to show the function Show this container.

What I would like to see is an easier method for both hiding and showing hidden containers, without having to use the extra menu system. Additionally, I would like for the container addon to know when a container is hidden (and display a show button). Since I have the Firefox default New Tab button showing, I can easily open a new tab in any container without having to use the container addon menu at all, so it’s like having a redundant functionality.

Hope this makes a bit more sense.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you add an issue here?

And/or it sounds like your feedback could be a :thumbsup: and comment in

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I looked at aleth’s post - it goes right along inline with what I wrote, so I don’t see a need ot make a new one there, I just marked that one with an up-vote (and 311 / 317 as well).