Previews Not Available

I just noticed that the previews of the themes are not available. Anyone else notice? Problem to be fixed?

Try submitting an edit of the ones not showing previews. See if that helps.

I did on the new one but I don’t have a copy of the one I edited, so I am unable to do so. Had a lot of older ones on a USB that went belly up! Thanks, Pam!

Oh, okay. I’m going to email you. I might know of a way to get it back for you. Not sure though.

Thanks, Oh how we miss Caitlin! She always knew what was going on and got “stuff” fixed. We have no Caitlin to contact anymore so most of out here are flying by the seat of our pants and at 84 that is not easy! It looks like they are working on FF right now so hopefully we can continue working at some point.

Scott found out this is an AMO site-wide problem, not just themes but extensions so hopefully they will get it fixed sometime today. Thank you, Scott!