Previously had user name and password

I had a user name and password from when I started using Firefox. Went to log in and instead of letting me log in it required me to sign up with my email and a password. I was a contributing user and just had a question on Browser.

Hi @jlhamilton2,

on which site did you try to log in?

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There were so many options so not completely sure. Pretty sure it was Mozilla Log in and Mozilla jam also comes to mind.

I was looking for help as I wanted to install a second version of Firefox. I currently use 68.4.1 ESR, I have a program that will not work with this version. So I needed to install a second which was 52.0. ESR to work. I did find a you tube and was able to install the older version although it updated to 68.4.1 automatically. I uninstalled it and my Firefox would not work at all this morning but I was able to reinstall and all is good now. But still do not have the 52.0 ESR. My Firefox initial install was some time ago I think around the begining and my user name was jnlh. Is it all email address now? And any assistance on the 52.0 would be great.

Thanks Jack