Privacy International & Open Right Groups join for London's 1st Privacy Lab 13/06

(Mozilla Rep, UK Community, MozFest Privacy & Security Wrangler) #1

An idea that evolved from collaboration at Mozfest in 2014, a successful run of Privacy Lab events from Mozilla have taken place in San Francisco & Berlin.

We’re fortunate to welcome to London the very first Privacy Lab London this coming Monday the 13th June 2016. Sign up via Eventbrite.

Policy people, techies, activists, and academics at big companies, startups, universities, libraries, NGO’s, foundations, civil society (and more), are all invited for this collaborative discussion.

The first hour is devoted to our guest speakers Jim Killock from Open Rights Group, Caroline Wilson Palow from Privacy International, and moderator is Mozilla’s own Raegan MacDonald. The second hour is a Q&A and an open format discussion amongst people who may not often get the opportunity to get together.

This week saw the UK Parliament majority (444 vs 69) passing the Investigative Powers Bill, also known as the #IPbill or #SnoopersCharter. The House of Lords is the final barrier to this bill becoming UK law. Check out the excellent documentary The Haystack which provides a great resource for understanding its effects.

This timely event will no doubt feature quite a lot of voices across the spectrum on the issue and we’d love to have yours!

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