Privacy Month Campaign - January 2017

Hello everyone !
A very Happy New Year :slight_smile:
I would like to announce the official start to the Privacy Month campaign for 2017 hosted collectively by the volunteers of the Mozilla India community and supported by many others !

Most of us know that 28th January is celebrated as the International Data Privacy Day and hence, we at Mozilla India community plan to observe the month of January 2017 as the Privacy month. This is a second edition of such a campaign after a successful previous edition.

The campaign essentially has two parts:

  1. The online part where we spread the awareness about the importance of privacy and the threats posed by its breach. The “31 Teachable moments” are aimed at giving one privacy tip, each day, throughout the month via various social channels (originally by Mozilla India)
  2. The offline part where we conduct several kinds of privacy themed events which see participation from a diverse group of audience. The teaching kits developed by some of our awesome volunteers serve a great resource for an offline event.

We truly believe that every netizen must understand how his/her digital footprint might affect him/her in ways that he/she doesn’t approve of ! As promoters and lovers of the open web, the privacy aspect of the web is our utmost responsibility to be advocated.

Check the official blog post from the Mozilla India blog, here.

Join us, in the campaign in making a difference in the online lives of millions of people.
Shout with #advocate4privacy and #PrivacyMonth and share your experience or tips about online privacy.

Cheers, for a better web :slight_smile:


Mozilla Italia join that initiative: (post in Italian)

2 Likes is also in, sharing the tweets and FB posts. For the next campaign I would only appreciate being informed few days in advance to not slip a tweet behind on the very first day. :wink:

Are you coordinating this with @sreed? I can’t remember hearing about this from her.

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Hey Michal ! Thanks for joining the campaign. I’ll make sure you know about this early for the next edition !
I’ve informed @sreed about the campaign, but it did not seem realistic to take over Mozillagram for the whole month to share privacy tips. :slight_smile: There are other communities too, having their events during the same time !