Problem with Down Them All

I have a problem using Down them All. I cannot find any way to contact the programmer directly. There is only an option to sign onto Github. I do not know what this is. I am not a developer and I have no time to take courses on how to use Github. It’s ridiculous-I have to take a course just to ask a simple question??? Here is my question: I want to download photos. When I try to, I get html documents instead. I have tried countless times to just download photos, and sometimes videos, and I cannot make sense of what options and filters I need to use.

Are you getting .webp files that your OS thinks are "Chrome HTML Document"s? (Your OS may be tie them to whatever program last said it could handle those files.)

I have an extension that discourages sites from sending Firefox .webp files if an older format such as JPEG or PNG is available:

I don’t know whether it works together with Down Them All. If you try it, let me know what happens.

Thanks for your email.

I get the occasional .webp but the vast majority are .htm.

I’m pretty sure I am not entering the right filters into Down them All.

I’ve had Firefox for a few years and when I was downloading photos are few years ago I got it to work. Even a few months ago I got it to work. But I have never been clear on what filters to enter, so I’m always guessing, and the instructions are minimal.

I do not know what this is. I am not a developer and I have no time to take courses on how to use Github. Tried this once.

What is in the page? Is it something along the lines of “unauthorized” or is it a link to the image instead of the image itself?

Possibly the add-on needs to be updated if it doesn’t work well with some sites. If there is a good site to see this problem in action, perhaps someone else can replicate the issue and file it on the author’s Github if you don’t want to create an account.

Here is an example. Load up, a totally free website with royalty-free photos. In the search bar enter the word Tweeter. iI chose this because it retrieves only 12 photos (beware:most phrases can retrieve hundreds). Here is a screen of what I enter in Down them All:

Down them all gives me index.html and brands.html

If I instead of Media I choose Links, I get a chance to select photos, but there are more photos in the list than 12. I selected the first 3 and, instead of the first 3 photos, I get just the first photo in 3 different size- big, then small, then smaller. I have never got this result before but at least is shows I am not getting what I expect

Problem is, I do not understand ANY of what I am supposed to enter in ANY of the boxes. It is not explained well. I have always had to use guesswork and a lot of experimentation, and this time that is not working.

I find it incredible that the author of this excellent but poorly explained app should make someone with a question sign on to Github, an app for which you have to take at least one hour-long course before you can began to use it. Good grief!

Okay, the Media list is the one you need, but yes, the site lists URLs for so many sizes and qualities and the only place to see that is in a tooltip (screenshot follows).

Once you figure out the pattern, though, you can use the Fast Filtering box to select all the URLs with particular text. In this case, I’m filtering on w=2592 which I’m pretty sure is the highest available width based on looking at a lot of tooltips. The dialog immediately shows me there are 12 of those (screenshot follows).

Then you can click the Download button.

Does that work for you? Not sure whether there is an easier way when the site offers so many sizes…

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Of course, I had forgotten that unsplash has different sizes for each photo.

Thanks! I will try it out. I have 2 HP printers to install today so I probably won’t have a chance to look at Down Them All again today, but I’ll let you know how it worked as soon as I do.

It’s interesting that when you click an image to show a larger version in an overlay, the download button there has very different selections. If you want original size, you still need to do that, it seems.

Your solution is elegant. Thanks! That is a complicated website.

I’ve been doing more experimenting on other sites and I’ve found that the below setup does work, most of the time. With one website I got only tiny photos, but I think that’s because of the way the website is set up.

It appears that I don’t need to put in any filters (with most sites), and that the default mask is OK as is. Thank you for your help.