Problem with rendering

I have problem with probably rendering:

They randomly change.I don`t have any problem with normal Firefox


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Hi Patryk,

This problem seems to be related to general rendering in Firefox and to your graphics card.

Is that only an issue in Firefox or does that also happen in other apps? Did that occur with a specific version of Firefox? And what exactly do you mean by not having the problem with the “normal” Firefox?

Besides those questions, first of all you should make sure you have installed the latest graphics drivers and the newest Firefox version.

If that doesn’t fix your problem, my guess would be that it’s related to WebRender, Firefox’s compositing engine. This feature is not enabled everywhere yet. You can check whether it’s active by going to about:support and checking what’s listed under “Compositing”.

Furthermore, please note that you posted your question in the wrong category. The category “Developer Tools” is means the debugging tools Firefox offers for website creators.

So, if your issue persists, I suggest you create a bug report related to WebRender. (And maybe link it here, so everyone experiencing the same problem can follow it.)


Could the mod move this section to another section? so this section doesn’t become support section

For info, this discourse channel is linked from the DevEdition “landing” page ( eg ) and that’s usually where non-devtools questions come from.

So here I assume “normal firefox” refers to Release Channel and that the issue only occurs for the user on DevEdition.

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