Problem with skill test Math 3


i’ve got a big problem with this excercise. I dont even know how to aproach this tests. Can someone please give mi a hint just to push my stupid brain forward? :wink:

Hi Mikolaj_Jedrzeiczak!,

Let me give you a clue. You just store the result in variable for example “weightComparison”. That results are required by the statement 1: eleWeight > mouseWeight;
so that weightComparison = eleWeight > mouseWeight;

Thank you so much for your response :wink:

Welp, I did that on my first try but i don’t know why it didn’t worked then. Maybe i missspell something. I thought then that it was to simple. So basicly the code is:

let weightComparison = eleWeight > mouseWeight;

let heightComparison = ostrichHeight > duckHeight;

let pwdMatch = pwd1 === pwd2;

Thanks again :wink:


ohhh, your code is the same to me, but in my brower, it worked;

hmmm, have you declared this line yet???
const section = document.querySelector(‘section’);
or missing “;” ^^
or you try to open console screen to check for any errors

Good luck ^^

It’s working because i rewrite in the post above :wink: Thank’s again you helped me alot. The problem was so simple and i would propably never return to that point by myself.

ohhh I misunderstood, :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: I’m sorry, ok, you’welcome :joy: :joy: :joy:


Don’t read any further, unless your completely at a brick wall … :male_detective:

// Hint (this is a trick problem), carefully read Statement 1, and also carefully 
// compare the weightTest line true/false statements (hint, inverse, they are).
// In other words, sometimes an elephant might weigh "less than" the mouse.

weightComparison = eleWeight < mouseWeight;
heightComparison = ostrichHeight > duckHeight;
pwdMatch = pwd1 === pwd2;