Problems concerning the new site

(❤️) #1

Hi everyone,
about the home page, I would like to know the distinction between the Trending and Relevance themes, since they appear the same …
but above all what is their usefulness because they are almost always themes with 0 or 1 user, really often insignificant themes, stretched or badly laid out …
would not it be better to see in that section by default the Recently Updated themes, since there has been an astronomical users decline of new themes?
I invite you to take a look at the Recently Added pages of each author to understand that nobody see new themes !!!

What happened to the Up and Coming on the first page? Maybe the intentions were to replaced it by Trending or Relevance, but it does not work at all…
the home page could be compacted to finally get back by default the 4 helpful sections… Featured, Top Rated, Up & Coming and Recently Updated …
Please do something :disappointed_relieved:

(Ma Donnas Personas) #2

I agree, candelora. I actually switched to classic desktop because the “new & impoved?” doesn’t make any sense at all. It certainly looks new and classy but it doesn’t work out that way. Just my 2 cents!

(sdevaney) #3

Thanks for this note, candelora! Trending, Relevance, Up & Coming, Most Popular, etc… these are all algorithmically-driven filters. However, these algorithms have not changed from the old to new looks of AMO, so any change in their behavior would be odd.

But indeed, this issue of the filters bubbling up confusing content is a known issue that we will investigate.