Problems training a model with Common Voice

I want to use Mozilla TTS with Mozilla Common Voice (German).
When I start the training I get the following error: Pastebin: error log. My config.json can be found here: Pastebin: config.json.
Thank’s for your help.

Check if that’s a valid path for the wav file. This usually happens because of wrong paths or corrupt files. If it’s a valid file path, remove it from the train or test csv

Hi, thank’s for your answer.
I already removed one file from the train and validate.csv, but then the same error happens again with another file. I think now that the problem is that the dataset by Mozilla only contains mp3 files.

If that’s happening always, you chance that path isn’t valid. If that’s only happening for a couple, then remove them from the csv.

It’s happening always. The path to the folder which contains the audio files is correct. I think the problem is that Mozilla TTS tries to open .wav files, but the dataset only contains .mp3 files.

I looked at the error again. That path is absolutely invalid. Its looking for a ‘.*.mp3.wav’ which it’ll not find there. Go to TTS/datasets/ and in common_voice function, make sure the wav file variable will have a proper path, I.e., path/to/mp3.

Thank you for your answer.
I changed the following line in
wav_file = os.path.join(root_path, "clips", cols[1] + ".wav")
wav_file = os.path.join(root_path, "clips", cols[1] + "")
and then the path is correct. But now I get the following error:
RuntimeError: Error opening 'CommonVoice/clips/common_voice_de_18482210.mp3': File contains data in an unknown format.

Can I have the stack traceback.

Also, I believe it’s because you’re trying to open mp3 with soundfile. Anyway, go to utils/ and try opening with librosa. Should work.

I have made the changes you recommend. But now I am getting the following error:
error log. My can be found here:
Thank you!

Change sample rate in config to 48k instead of 22050.