Process needed for "urgent" issues

For the most part, “urgent” issues are caught by someone and addressed in a timely matter. These are things like outages or updates that need to be performed. However, sometimes this isn’t happening. We need a more transparent process for handling these issues so that it’s easier to see when someone isn’t actually on top of a fix.

@tanner mentioned this is easier to do with monitoring, and that is a fair point. However we still need to think about documentation anyway. We should be tracking these in JIRA either way.

I created an issue here with my proposal -

Basically I’d like us to use some sort of unique identifier on an issue, either a special priority that we only use for these types of issues, or even a special issue type. If we use this identifier on all like issues, then we can create a JIRA filter that watches for open issues, which can then be subscribed to. This means people can be emailed a list of these open issues at a time interval of their choice.