Process still running error

I am not sure if this has a bug already, but I was wondering if anyone else get’s an error message every once in awhile regarding the Firefox browser already being open and it tells you to close the old process?

It happens less often now, but was just wondering if anyone else uses the new tab option to re-open the window or if that even works for you?


“Process still running” usually is caused by a previous problem: Firefox did not shut completely down last time.

The error could also be caused if running one instance of Firefox and you are trying to launch a new instance. This could happen, for example, if Nightly is running but you have Release as your default browser but Release is not running, then you click on a link in Thunderbird (just to pick an email client) that tries to launch the default browser, but (at least in Windows) the default browser at the OS level doesn’t have the -no-remote switch so when Release starts up you will get the error, “Process is still running.”

Could you explain what you mean by that? I don’t know of any new tab option to reopen a window.

On windows you can right click the “tray” FF icon and the context menu will pop up with your options and one of them is “open new tab”.

Edit –

I forget what the bottom tray is called, I call it the tray…:slight_smile: