Profile Privacy (Display) Levels Explained

Profile display levels range from Private to Public and are determined for a profile based on an individual’s access rights; e.g. Public, Registered user (LDAP contributors are part of this group), NDA’d Contributor, Staff Member, etc.

Some notes on the default settings:

  • For a new Staff profile, the majority of the information is visible to Staff only. The only fields that behave differently are the access groups field, that is visible to Staff and NDA’d people and the identicon and username, that are public.

  • For a new non-Staff profile, almost every field will be set to Private by default. As soon as the profile owner will change this to any other visibility level, the Private one will become unavailable.

Display levels in detail

These display levels are hierarchical. Starting from Private, each level builds on its previous level and expands the group of people who can access and view profile data.

  • Private
    • This option allows you to hide a data field from any other user.
    • This is the default privacy mode for all community accounts. A community member will need to manually change his fields level privacy in order to be shown in
    • Note: This display level is only available to a small number of non-editable fields. In general we ask you to remove any information which you consider private.
  • Staff Only
    • This means that the profile data is visible only to Staff members.
  • NDA’d
    • This option allows NDA’d Mozillians (staff, volunteers and contractors who have an NDA signed) to see your profile data.
    • Note: A Confidentiality Agreement (or NDA) is a legal agreement between volunteers and Mozilla that will allow us to share confidential information with contributors that we don’t, or aren’t yet ready to share with the general public. You can find more details here.
  • Registered
    • This option lets you share your profile data with all registered users. A registered user is anyone who created a profile in It is the default visibility level for non-Staff profile fields.
  • Public
    • This option makes your information publicly available. It will be indexed by search engines and can be accessed by anybody.

Further Information

For more details, please check out the following posts.