Progress of launch zh-HK voice collecting

Our HK community is planning to demonstrate Common Voice this Thursday’s “Elder Tech Expo”, and would like to collect visitor’s voices during the event.

It’s a great opportunity to initiating the Cantonese collecting because elder people are one of the big part of local OSS project contributor. And they’re really want to preserve Cantonese voice as soon as possible.

(One of the successful example is “Free Hong Kong Fonts” created by our elder contributors.)

Current status

  1. There are already 870 sentences on Common Voice site.

  2. 3857 valid sentences in collector.
    Taiwanese and Hong Kong volunteer had help review all of the 6000+ sentences last week.


Thursday, 21 November

Hong Kong volunteer team

  • Project owner: Kingman,
  • Mentor: community liaisom & rep @sammyfung

I would like to know if we have any suggestions for them, in order to make it.


sentences exported to voice-web repo but seems not deploy to website yet

@mbranson can follow-up on this one.

Context: The team has been focused on an issue with clip uploads yesterday and also the deployment of the partner challenge work is also happening as we speak. Megan can provide more realistic expectations, but I just wanted to flag that this might not be possible this week.

Ideally we should see what’s the realistic time-frame for requests like this, so we can work with Megan to be able to provide the expectations way in advance :slight_smile:


No problem, I think we can still take good chance to promoting that “Common Voice is going to launch soon for Cantonese” during the event and had people try recording Mandarin under zh-tw version instead.

Thanks for the flag @nukeador and for the understanding @irvin – I’ll get this on our Jira instance for triaging into the next sprint. Ruben will be part of that thread and can help update here when the deploy is live. Realistically it’s helpful to have 2 week notice for intake of sentence upload requests into the next sprint (we’re on a 2 week cadence). Thanks for the patience and dedication to this work!

@irvin looks like we were able to deploy along with challenge updates last night, can you confirm on your end that the sentences are live?

Hi @mbranson , zh-hk is not live yet. It seems that we’re still blocked by which had been merged but not sure about deploy status.

Verified that zh-HK, Chinese (Hong Kong), (Cantonese to be clearly) is up, thanks everyone!