Project Management meeting

Hi all,

I just wanted to explain the new meeting I added to the calendar. I could use some mentoring in project management, so I asked @mrz if we could schedule a time for that. On the one hand I intended it to be a bit more 1:1, but as it’s stuff for the team I wanted to put it on the team calendar.

Project management is different from the project meeting and the triage meeting, but sort of in between them. The triage meeting is very micro - going through all issues, making sure they’re up to date. The project meeting is more all hands on deck status updates, running the team. Project management fits somewhere in between - how to organize, document and track the things agreed on in the project meeting, so that they can be properly organized in the triage meetings. What do we need PRDs for? How to write the road map for the team’s activities.

You shouldn’t miss any info from not attending this meeting. In fact, I’d ask that unless you want to actively help with project management that you skip this one to reduce distractions.

I don’t know if I’ve worded this well, so please ask questions if I’ve confused you!

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@mrz @JLensmeister - Still feeling the cold, which makes my brain fuzzy. Let’s start next week instead of today?

@Kensie That’s okay with me, hope you feel better soon :slight_smile: