[Project Meeting] 2020-03-09

Hello Mozilla!

Join us for the Weekly Project Meeting. It’s happening on Monday, March 9th at 11:00 am Pacific time.

If you’re sharing this week, please add your items to the meeting agenda. Also, feel free to share from home this week via Zoom. I’ll be in the MTV commons but no need for you to come into the office if you’re concerned about the coronavirus. Presenters only: Zoom Meeting ID: 828 817 988 https://mozilla.zoom.us/j/828817988.

Oh, and while we’re all avoiding the office, what a great occasion to join via the Hubs Commons at https://hubs.mozilla.com/1rNht23/hubs-commons for a very cool virtual experience. If VR isn’t your thing, you can follow along at https://air.mozilla.org

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